There are various rebates available for psychology consultations.

Medicare rebates – Better Access Initiative

Medicare rebates are available to individuals who are referred by their GP under a Mental Health Care Plan, by a psychiatrist or (in the case of children) a pediatrician.

How many sessions can I claim a medicare rebate for?
Eligible people can claim a medicare rebate for up to 10 individual sessions and 10 group sessions per calendar year under the Better Access Initiative.

Medicare rebates – Chronic Disease Management items

This initiative applies to individuals with a complex and/or chronic medical illness. It allows them to claim a Medicare rebate for up to five visits (in total) to allied health professionals within a calendar year. The person must be referred by a GP who is managing them under a GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangements (TCA). These arrangements are developed in conjunction with at least two other allied health professionals, and referrals are provided to those allied health services the GP believes will be of most benefit to the patient/client.

In some cases an individual may be eligible to obtain rebates for psychology services under both the Better Access Initiative and the Chronic Disease Management initiative.

Medicare rebates – Eating Disorder Management Plan

Eligible patients with Eating Disorders can receive a Medicare rebate for up to 40 sessions per year under an Eating Disorders Management Plan. Patients must be referred by a GP and the plan must be reviewed by a psychiatrist.

Private health fund rebates

Some private health funds also offer rebates for psychology services, and this can significantly reduce the cost of treatment. Rebates will depend on your fund and your level of cover, so we suggest you contact your fund directly for further information.

Please note that it is not possible to claim both a medicare and a private health fund rebate for the same session and that some funds request that you use your allotted medicare rebates before applying for a rebate from them.