Workplace Stress, Bullying, Job Burnout

Are you experiencing conflict in the workplace?

Are you bored with your job?

Do you feel like a rat on a wheel, caught in the same day-to-day cycle, unable to see the point?

You may be experiencing workplace stress, bullying or job burnout.

Workplace stress is often brought about by long hours, too many demands and conflict with peers and management. Job burnout is a response to chronic everyday stress that engenders a state of joylessness characterized by:

  • Emotional Exhaustion that you can’t seem to recover from;
  • Cynicism, sarcasm, blaming others and feeling put upon;
  • Reduced accomplishment where your work lacks meaning and nothing you do seems to make a difference (Maslach, 1996).

Whereas stress can produce a sense of urgency, hyperactivity and anxiety, burnout produces a sense of helplessness, hopelessness and disengagement.

We offer targeted interventions for workplace stress, bullying and job burnout. We work with you to regain motivation, resolve conflict and reconnect to what matters.

Desné Doman heads up our workplace program. Prior to her clinical psychology training Desné earned an MBA and enjoyed a successful corporate career in financial services and management consulting. She understands how the drive for achievement and success can leave us feeling disconnected, disenchanted and isolated. She is in a unique position to provide effectivetreatment, as she understands the corporate culture and the pressures it places on individuals working within it, and also has the expertise to identify and treat mental health issues that may arise in this environment.

Desné is a Workcover Psychologist. SIRA Workers Compensation Regulation Approval Number: 14966